With a dynamic mixture of seasonal menus, worldwide awarded chefs and the unique fusion of different cultures crowned by delicious Mexican cuisine, the variety of restaurants that coexist in Tulum offer visitors an exciting dining experience, full of color and exotic flavors, surrounded by a natural organic environment, as minimalist as extraordinary.

The gastronomic experience found in Tulum restaurants goes beyond the exercise of feeding the body; it becomes a new way to connect the soul with the natural elements, a connection that is constantly felt while visiting the Magic Village of Tulum. Therefore, eating in Tulum becomes a celebration, where not only the body is fed but the soul and the spirit too.

There’s no good answer to “which is the best restaurant in Tulum?” . For some years now, this paradise of the Mexican Caribbean has been known to break with the established paradigms regarding tourism. The perfect climate, the communion with nature and the lifestyle do not resemble anything you have known before. The same happens with Tulum’s cuisine, which is so unique, so alternative, that we can only recommend you to visit as many restaurants as you can; we’re sure each new place will become your instant favorite.

At Maria del Mar Boutique Hotel we like to consider ourselves gourmet sybarites, but we cannot tell you which will be the place that you’ll like the most. We know about food, how to cook, and we certainly know about providing unforgettable experiences to our guests. For that reason, we came out with this small selection of some of the restaurants in Tulum that you can’t miss, based on what we, as locals, prefer and on their customers’ reviews.


Mexican food restaurant, characterized by its unique style that draws on a broad palette of cultural influences.

The menu is changed constantly according to the season. Regular customers define the experience as an explosion of flavor, out of this world.

Reservations: http://arcatulum.com/


The essence of the Mayan jungle and a charming Mexican touch are present in the menu of this Tulum classic. Tropical flavors and fresh ingredients to make dinner time something special. Do not miss the famous party nights.

Reservations: http://casajaguartulum.com/welcome#restaurant


Una cuidadosa selección de ingredientes locales, obtenidos de distintos rincones de la península de Yucatán para una experiencia única de cocina que sabe a hogar. Abierto solo para la cena. Una experiencia imperdible, según sus propios visitantes.

Reservaciones: http://www.hartwoodtulum.com/


Visiting Downtown Tulum without having a mojito and taking a photo of Batey’s iconic colored VW is almost impossible. One of the first bars in the city, Batey is great to start a night adventure with good drinks and good music. A favorite of both locals and frequent visitors.
More info: https://www.facebook.com/bateytulum/


Passion for good food, a friendly atmosphere and all the rustic essence of the classic Argentinian grill set for you to live the Banana’s delightful triple deal: Eat, drink, enjoy. Frequent customers like visiting this place at any time, but breakfast is a must.

More info: http://www.casabananatulum.com/


The unique flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine are given an unconventional twist at this place nestled in one of the most beautiful open spaces of Tulum. You’ll love the decoration.

Reservations: http://cenzontletulum.com/contact/


Go deep into the jungle and live the organic experience of one of Tulum’s favorite spots, where everything from the facilities to the fresh ingredients of the menu, claim a unique love for Mother Nature. A natural, charming place.

Reservations: https://www.kitchentabletulum.com/


The essence of our Magical Town permeates every corner of one of the most fashionable places in Tulum. A beautiful place, known for its wide mezcal selection and the eclectic -almost erotic- chic cuisine. Very Tulum.

Reservations: http://www.gitanotulum.com/reservations/


An internationally awarded concept whose menu presents the best of the Yucatan and Baja California cuisine. With a deep respect for the environment and the roots that identify each region, Mur Mur is, as its frequent visitors describe it, a must of Tulum.

Reservations: http://www.murmurtulum.com/home#contact-us


The owners take so much pride of their passion for gastronomy that they even invite you to take a look at their work in an open kitchen concept. Enjoy a different culinary vision that fuses traditional Mexican recipes with the best of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Reservations: eltabano.restaurant@gmail.com