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Decoration Maria del Mar


To guarantee our guests the unique sensation of peace, tranquility,  in a luxurious environment where energy flows naturally,  at Maria del Mar Boutique Hotel we’ve taken care of even the smallest detail not only in our service but in every corner of our facilities. María del Mar is more than a hotel in Tulum; it is an ideal space to reach a state of grace surrounded by the natural elements. Space optimization and the use of sustainable resources are present both in the common areas and in our comfortable rooms, awakening in our guests that feeling of well-being that many desire but few achieve.The avant-garde bohemian atmosphere of María del Mar is the result of the most careful planning from the beginning of our project. Recognized and admired by our visitors, the contemporary Mexican design that embellishes every corner of our facilities is filled with natural elements which converge with modern architecture, creating a perfect atmosphere, making it one of the best Tulum hotels available.

The facilities of María del Mar were conceived from the beginning with materials of the highest quality and the most advanced design and construction techniques. Taking advantage of the wisdom of the the Yucatan peninsula inhabitants, the walls and floors of our rooms were built with Chucun, a material that can only be found in the Yucatan Peninsula and that keeps a cool temperature in the rooms,  reducing the need of using air conditioners, in an effort to take care of the environment. The details of our tile-based floors are also hand-made.For the decoration of our beautiful reception, as well as the bed’s headboards, we reused wood that was obtained from old residences of the communities of Holbox, El Cuyo, and San Felipe. At María del Mar Boutique Hotel we admire and respect Mexican talent and art; therefore all of our bedspreads and cushions were confectioned by artisans in communities of the states of Oaxaca, Chiapas and of course, in the Mayan communities near the town of Valladolid in Yucatan.

The combination of exotic, organic elements to achieve the perfect atmosphere is palpable in all our facilities but stands out in the rooms, which were designed to have an unmatched and magical ocean view.María del Mar Boutique Hotel offers a multisensory experience which combines the natural elements, outstanding facilities and luxury hospitality taken to the next level, to make your visit something worth remembering and repeating.

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