PLAZA DE MARIA will launch with a runway pictured in the very place which served as the designers’ inspiration for the season.

On Friday, December 29th, 2017 at 6.30 PM, in collaboration with Maria del Mar Boutique Hotel, PLAZA DE MARIA will debut its clothing stores, diving, excursions agencies and fancy restaurant with an alternative to a traditional fashion runway collaborating with someone we felt shared our vision for design, nature and freedom while having a memorable experience in front of the turquoise Caribbean sea.

The common theme of all reflect the natural beach, jungle environment and love for art and freedom.

NAIA,  A boutique located in the heart of Mexican paradise and is the result of the respect for craftsmanship and the inspiring surroundings of Caribbean crystal clear waters and tropical jungle. The mission: to spread the slow fashion movement, from Tulum to the world, focusing in Mexican & Latin American talent.

Cynthia Conran AnyEveryWear, is a boutique “where the fabrics and materials are of natural fibers, responsibly sourced and of the best quality allowing our clothes to wear well and for our clothes we choose a color palette with all natural tones to enhance all skin tones and our clothes embrace all women shapes and personalities”

DE LA ROSA,, is a contemporary jewelry brand, whose pieces are wearable reminders of what asks to be perceived and brought from within, a symbol of the collective inspiration, of lives dreamed and lived.

PSYLO , whose piece of clothing is more than stitched fabrics thrown together to meet the demand of trendsetters. It is the result of a deeply-thought-of process of alchemy – ancient art, sacred symbolism, contemporary art, cultural history, and the essence of humanity.

MINA is created to be the home to a hip and eclectic restaurant and bar. Utilizing Mexican ingredients masterfully prepared to create extraordinary epicurean experiences inspired by Argentina´s rich culinary traditions.

IKAL SPA The avant-garde Bohemian atmosphere of Maria del Mar is the ideal space to experience the connection with the natural elements and finding something that awakens all senses to naturally trigger, necessary to reach that state of grace known as the Tulum wellness.

COA a team of certified guides and instructors who love life, love love, are all about safety and want to share this piece of paradise we call home. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing experience or an exhilarating adventure, nature has it and we’ll help you find it.

MEXICO KAN TOURS , an agency that proposes a complete range of tours and excursions, as well as nature, culture and sports activities throughout Mexico. Thanks to its services, the agency is committed to promote mutually enriching cultural exchanges which increase understanding, protection and respect of Mexican heritage.

Join us to experience the collection on Friday, December 29th, 2017 at 6.30 PM at PLAZA DE MARIA (Maria del Mar Boutique Hotel).

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