Think about it. People usually spend their lives working their asses to pay their bills, and in the process, they are always in a rush. The perils of living in the big cities force them to live on a schedule, hustling to get on time to their many activities: school, the office, the gym, eat, sleep & repeat. People do all of this to make just enough money for going on vacations at least once a year. You could think that it’s only natural that people living on a rush would spend their holidays relaxing and doing nothing but chilling while sipping some margaritas on a paradisiac beach, right? Wrong!

People tend to over plan their vacations and make them look like a project instead, and even before they’ve arrived their destination, the rush continues! Run to the airport, get a transfer, get to the resort, book a tour, book a lot of tours! They spend their holidays just like there was no tomorrow, entirely missing the point of having a vacation. Have you been there?

In Maria del Mar boutique hotel we fully understand the point of a vacation, and we’ve embraced the concept of slow tourism, as it’s becoming popular amongst the Bonvivants and avid travelers from around the world. Once you get here, you’ll forget about rushing, schedules, and planning. Unless you wanna try one or many of the great things to do in Tulum that of course, we have available, you won’t need to be “on time” for anything. You won’t need to book a table to enjoy a fantastic dinner or to save your sunbed on the Tulum beach. At Maria del Mar time is relative and yours to control. Let us walk at your pace! We understand that you’re here to forget about that constant race called life.

From the moment you check in at Maria del Mar Boutique Hotel, all that haste from your regular life disappears almost instantly. Our luxurious and harmonious facilities, the gorgeous details of your room and the premium service from our staff will let you take a well-deserved break from the mundane. The majestic setting in one of the most fantastic beaches in Tulum and its glittering ocean views, the exquisite Mexican contemporary design, and the incredible food will make you feel like time stops for you to enjoy yourself and everything around you. See it’s not about escaping, it’s about taking a quality pause, to reconnect, to recharge, and to indeed make the most out of your vacation in Tulum.

Come, live the true slow tourism in Tulum experience at Maria del Mar boutique hotel, an exclusive oasis meant not for everyone, but for you.