Spa Packages


A perfect time for want to share the benefits of a profound relaxation, apply a combination of relaxation and deep tissue massage techniques apply reflexology on de feets, apply to aromatherapy and oil’s essential. In the massage suite or in our deck in front the sea

90 MIN | $180 USD

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A massage techniques that use long deep movements to carry liquid through the lymphatic and circulatory systems, promoting body healing and detox.

90 MIN | $170 USD

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This deep therapeutic massage focuses on the connective muscles and tissues applying breath and deep tissue techniques together to achieve an intense relief.

90 MIN | $140 USD

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A massage focuses on the joints and connective tissues improving circulation and speeding up exercises recovery.

60 min $130 USD | 90 min $160 USD

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This massage focuses on helping a pregnant woman to relax tense muscles and reduce stress and anxiety associated with labor It also works. To relieve pain.

60 MIN | $130 USD

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For this light massage we use long soothing movements to promote circulation plus a gentle rocking motion to aliviate accumulated stress and tension.

60 min $110 USD | 90 min $140 USD

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A therapeutic method for pain relieving by stimulating pressure points on feets. This controlled pressure aliviate the source of discomfort.

45 MIN | $90 USD

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Ful body exfoliation whit coffe o verbena following by a full body relaxing massage whit mayan clay and finalize whit a healthy herbal bath.

90 MIN | $200 USD

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Organic and natural products such as honey, avocado, papaya y others are mixed to create a personalized facial thats softens the fine lines and gives firmness to the face and neck, helping to rejuvenate tired skin. Cranial and facial acupressure massage relieves tension to relax the nervous system.

60 MIN | $90 USD

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