(Ancient Mayan for “to be, to exist”)

The ancestral medicine of the Maya civilization based its philosophy of life on the union of the body, mind, and spirit and their close relationship with nature. For years, the concept of natural harmony, self-healing and taking a respectful advantage of the natural elements seemed to be lost… until now.

In Maria del Mar Boutique Hotel, we’ve come to understand that the way to happiness is through the connection with the natural elements and finding something that awakens our senses to naturally trigger that connection. Our privileged location lets us be directly influenced by the philosophy and wisdom of the Maya culture, hence our desire to share with our guests all the benefits of the ancestral healing techniques, by offering the most exclusive and body pampering massages at our very own Spa Antal, where you will experience a unique sensation of relaxation and peace.

Tulum is an ideal convergence center where the sea, the wind, the voice of the jungle, the heat of the sun and all the living creatures energy, are conducive channels connected to reach a state of grace. At Maria del Mar Boutique Hotel Spa in Tulum, we offer an idyllic space to let your senses open to experience new sensations and give your body a moment of relaxation and pleasure.

Our massages, aromatherapy and all of the services included in our wellness menu, use only local organic elements, from fresh fruit to endemic herbs and exotic oils, wisely used combining ancestral healing techniques with the best of modern reflexology and spa treatments from around the world.

Think of us as “experienced wellness enhancers” as it is our commitment to making our guests feel not only good but in harmony with themselves and with the universe. We are ready to share with you our experience, wisdom and the latest techniques for healing and well being.

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