Tulum Ruins


Visiting the Tulum Ruins

visiting the tulum ruins

Tulum is known for its magical connection with nature and its unique touch of mysticism, but this is no news or a cheap marketing gag;  The ancient Maya civilization knew that Tulum was a privileged place and since it is the only Mayan site located on a cliff next to the Caribbean Sea,  they decided to make it one of their principal sites for commerce and gods worshipping.  Visiting the archaeological site of Tulum is undoubtedly an activity that you can’t miss as it is one of the top activities to do in Tulum and a favorite to Maria del Mar’s guests.Nestled in an imposing cliff, the ruins of Tulum are the vestige of what was an important Mayan location, originally called Zamá (dawn) which retains its majesty despite the pass of time. The Mayas considered that achieving balance with the natural and cosmic elements in their lives was essential and of the utmost importance in the sight of the gods. Tulum means “wall” as the site is guarded as a fortress (not meant for military purposes though) with each corner representing the cardinal points, as an allusion to an ordered and rational society; made for the communion between men and the gods. Inside the ruins of Tulum, architectural structures and even wall paintings can still be found in spite of the passage of the years, remain imposing and cause admiration in the thousands of visitors. Some even consider that a visit to Tulum is not complete without taking a photograph with the beautiful building known as “El Castillo” (the Castle) in the background. Tulum was once one of the major cities of the Mayan culture, as its location represented an important scale for the commercial routes of the Maya. Today, the archaeological site of Tulum is inhabited not by Mayans but by dozens of beautiful iguanas (known as Tolocsin the Yucatan Peninsula)) who discreet but alert, seem to be the new Guardians of such a beautiful and mystical place.

Because of its temples, the frescoes found in its constructions, and its strategic position facing the sea, visiting the ruins of Tulum is a complete and unique experience that allows the visitors to understand more about the history, cosmovision, and legacy of the ancient Mayan civilization. If you’re a beach addict, this is a great activity for you as one of the most attractive features of the archaeological zone of Tulum is the access to the beach, where you can cool off after touring the site and even take a snorkeling tour with a local operator, since the reef barrier is a few minutes boat ride ahead of the ruins.At Maria del Mar we are very aware of your desire to enjoy yourself and make the utmost of your stay in this piece of paradise called Tulum. Visiting the ruins of Tulum is an activity that we recommend because of its proximity to our hotel and the time required to visit the site, making it an ideal activity even if you’re here for only a few days. When you return from your visit, we will be waiting for you at Maria del Mar Boutique hotel to make sure that the magic of your experience is extended until the last day of your visit.

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